Corey's Kitchen

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This family of four bought a beautiful piece of property on Parrett Mountain with views of Mt. Hood and the Tualatin Valley, and built an amazing 7,000 square foot home and 1,000 square foot pool house. We were brought in to design the entire finish interior and exterior from cabinetry design/layout to the heavily decorative molding, paint colors (interior and exterior), countertops, tile, flooring, window styles, and siding/roofing materials.

The kitchen was most definitely the focal point of the main floor with its 10-foot ceilings and sweeping, open views. Our clients loved to entertain large groups of people and needed not only the functionality of a commercial kitchen but the design, flow, and efficiency of a cozy residential kitchen. Making 500 square feet feel “cozy” is definitely not an easy task, but we managed to pull it off.

When working in a space this big it’s really easy to make it feel monotonous if you’re not careful about varying materials, colors, and textures. So, that’s exactly what we did. Our client loved the look of white cabinets but in order to not overwhelm the space with them we made sure we tempered them with one large island made from stained wood and used dark walnut floors. Same thing went for the countertops by using two different surfaces, granite and butcher block. And then to mediate the stark contrast of the white cabinets with the darker woods, we used a soft yellow wall color to help connect it all.

We suggested installing two islands to meet a number of needs. First, to have ample serving space and seating for entertaining, while keeping the mass of guests out of the actual food prep area. Second, the backside of the family room island served as an entertainment center including a television and storage for toys. This way our clients would have a way to keep their kids nearby, while preventing them from being underfoot as they prepared meals. And third, we wanted to mediate the large expanse of floor space between the shared kitchen and family room area. Despite the mass of square footage, this kitchen ended up feeling very warm and inviting. To see the master bathroom in this house, go to “Sara’s Bathroom”.

Best Kitchen Semi-Finalist
Portland IDS Distinct Style Awards 2010



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